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Our Story

The de Dom Nuno TH was one of the first bed and breakfast in the region of Monsaraz. The House is located in the main street of the Old Village of Monsaraz (National Heritage) and for its beauty and unique architecture is described in the Artistic Inventory of Portugal, as the old pharmacy of Monsaraz.

 Everything begins in the early 80s when Mr. Isidro Pinto decided to purchase the house with the help of the family in order to open a small family hotel. The house was in an advanced state of degradation and after the first works of rehabilitation, the family moved to Monsaraz. We opened to the public for the first time in 1983, always running as a family home and hotel. With over 30 years of existence the Dom Nuno -TH is a reference in the recent history of Monsaraz. In 2013 the second generation of the family decided to return to the family business, carrying out important works of refurbishment and modernization. Beyond our corporate objective we also have the main objective to help in fixing population living within the village of Monsaraz.

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